Talent Management Programs in Duxbury, MA

“The Talent Management Toolbox” and customized talent management applications and programs

Mobilizing and managing human assets has become one of the most critical factors for organizational success. Our experience and research indicates clearly that maximizing the contribution of all team members requires a systemic approach that relies on the following characteristics.

  • Alignment of individual and team behavior and goals with organizational values and strategies. Alignment clarifies expectations from the top to the bottom of the organization, supporting development of a clear line of sight for each person about his or her contribution.
  • Integration of talent management applications into a common set of processes based on common success criteria. Linking each element of the performance lifecycle together improves employees’, managers’, and HR’s ability to execute a coordinated talent management approach, thereby improving organizational performance.
  • Distribution of accountability and learning using enabling tools, training, technology, and supports, which better empower individuals and managers to make talent management interventions work.

Schoonover Associates helps organizations develop, refine, and/or augment selected elements of their talent management systems and design and implement comprehensive talent management strategies.

Key Features

  • Expertise and extensive experience in the full range of talent management applications;
  • Available best practices intellectual property, including guidelines, tools, and training, for each application;
  • Ability to provide both rapid, off-the-shelf and highly-customized solutions;
  • In-depth capabilities for integrating talent management applications into a cohesive TM approach.

Key Benefits

  • Speed of application development;
  • Reduced cost for development and implementation;
  • Ability to tailor approach to fit existing organization applications and practices.

Case Study Examples

  • Created integrated competency-based talent management system for a large global food company;
  • Developed competency-based succession planning program for a large power company;
  • Created a global performance management system, including application of competencies and goal management for a global conglomerate.


Talent Management Organization Needs Survey

Offers a comprehensive assessment of critical cultural, process, support, and outcome needs for designing and implementing various talent management applications.

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Talent Management Design Workshop: “Advice for a Change”

Provides a structured one-day workshop that results in a clear “blueprint” for creating and implementing talent management applications.

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Talent Management Applications Toolkit

Provides best practices, process guidelines, tools and sample templates for each talent management application.

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Talent Management Applications Training

Delivers design and implementation best practices instruction for each of the key talent management applications.

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Talent Management Needs Assessment

Provides a customized evaluation of an organization’s current state and road map for an ideal future state for talent management, applying a range of data gathering and analysis techniques.

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Talent Management Program Design

Provides a customized approach for defining a talent management system that fit organizational culture and strategies.

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Talent Management Application Design and Implementation

Provides a customized, interactive process that focuses on creating a fully-developed, documented application (or multiple applications) with communications, guidelines, tools and training for high-impact execution.

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“Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Framework” and customized leadership applications and programs


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“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs


Talent Management

“The Talent Management Toolbox” and customized talent management applications and programs



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