One of the Hardest Lessons for Leaders: Learning to Relinquish Power

The journey towards a leadership role and the eventual attainment of that position can be viewed as a rise to a position of power. Building and wielding social power is clearly a primary factor in leadership advancement. And while accepting a role with extended conferred or position power may represent the culmination of hard work… View Article

Goal Management Best Practices

Managing goals efficiently is a critical strategic endeavor for all organizations. In many settings goals are established by top management with managers and team members left in large part to their own devices for implementing them. This practice frequently results in sub optimal performance and sometimes actually produces negative consequences. This paper focuses on the… View Article

Best Practices in Implementing Succession Planning

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Succession planning is best described as a consistent set of specific procedures to insure the identification, development, and long-term retention of talented individuals. While this general definition works well, organizations view succession planning in widely varying ways. For some organizations, it simply means making sure there are replacement candidates for key positions. For others…

Performance Management Best Practices

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Performance management is viewed as a necessary evil in many organizations due to the myriad barriers for implementing a consistent, highly supported process. Half or more of implementation efforts produce limited or even negative results. This paper explores the reasons for failures and presents a best practice approach for instituting performance management programs that work…