Competency Development Programs in Duxbury, MA

“Rapid Competency Prototyping” and customized core, leadership and functional competency development

Competency models or success profiles provide consistent criteria enabling integration and alignment of talent management processes with an organization’s business goals.

Schoonover Associates adopts an approach to competency development that focuses on using clear design criteria and model building best practices to link these success criteria to an organization’s human resource applications, evaluation processes, and effectiveness measurements.

Key Features

  • Robust database with thousands of competencies for all leadership levels and functional groups;
  • Accompanying competency supports such as probe questions, coaching tips, development suggestions;
  • Validated leadership competency framework with supporting tools, development suggestions, and training.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to create robust, clearly written models by using database of validated competencies;
  • Save time and resources in model building through application of available intellectual property and tools;
  • Enable translation of competencies into leadership and talent management applications using available tools and templates.

Case Study Examples

  • Created functional competency profiles for Canadian financial services organization to support new strategic direction;
  • Developed competency models, including behavioral scales with proficiencies levels for all job families in a global technology company;
  • Created and integrated competencies into hiring/selection, performance management, career planning, and leadership development processes for a large telecommunications company.


Rapid Competency Prototyping: Leadership and Functional Competency Dictionaries

Offers robust sets of competencies for core, leadership and various functional groups, including scaled behaviors, competency support materials, and guidelines for application to create well-defined models quickly.

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Rapid Competency Prototyping: Competency Design Workshop

Provides and one-day sessions focusing on key model building principles and a step-by-step process for efficiently creating structured, validated competency profiles that fit organizational context.

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Behavior-Based Data Gathering Training

Provides a one-day session that focuses on critical behavioral data gathering techniques that can be applied in competency model building and for a range of purposes such as model-building, hiring and selection, coaching and performance management, and succession planning.

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Competency Model Building Services

Focuses on customized engagements that apply our expertise and intellectual property to design, develop and deliver competency framework and accompanying applications, communications and training.

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“Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Framework” and customized leadership applications and programs


Career Planning

“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs


Talent Management

“The Talent Management Toolbox” and customized talent management applications and programs



“Rapid Competency Prototyping” and customized core, leadership and functional competency development