Talent Management Program Design

Provides a customized approach for defining a talent management system that fit organizational culture and strategies.

We are often engaged in developing or re-engineering whole talent management systems, including key activities such as:

  • Creating a talent management vision, values, and supporting competencies.
  • Generating a goal-setting and goal management approach aligned with organization strategy.
  • Creating talent identification and pipelining processes.
  • Producing a talent management approach that ensure availability, mobilization, and development of the right people for the right projects and/or positions.
  • Developing a process, tools, and support materials for creating a learning organization.
  • Integrating the core talent management applications–hiring and selection, assessment, performance management, goal management and measurement, learning and development, career development, succession planning, and leadership and executive development (with appropriate linkages to total rewards at all stages)–into a common process and a comprehensive system.

Schoonover Associates applies a similar engagement process for leadership, career planning and talent management program design. Our approach to program design and implementation always includes a current state assessment, a definition of purposes and outcomes, and creation of guiding principles as a starting point. This initial phase is important to avoid ineffective point solutions and clarify realistic requirements for long-term success. The second phase of engagements for building a consistent program focuses on a detailed design, including a defined program scope, kinds of participants, the level of integration with other leadership and talent management initiatives,  and specification of activities and supports required to deliver target objectives. This phase is most often done in close collaboration with an internal team and entails engaging stakeholders to provide input about the design. While the nature of testing and implementation phases vary widely, they most often include clarifying and documenting support materials and methods, piloting program elements, creating roll out communications and plans, and instituting a change management plan to create sustainable outputs integrated into an organization’s practices.

While our program design services are highly customized, we sometimes deliver our Talent Management Design Workshop as part of an initial project phase to engage stakeholders and project team members, introduce key principles, and create an initial high-level program blue print. In addition, we often incorporate both our tools and training  and existing internal materials or materials from other vendors into the overall program framework.