Talent Management Applications Training

Delivers design and implementation best practices instruction for each of the key talent management applications.

We offer separate training modules for each of the following talent management applications:

  • Talent acquisition;
  • Assessment and development planning;
  • Performance management;
  • Goal management;
  • Coaching and feedback;
  • Career development (see Career page);
  • Succession planning;
  • Leadership development (see Leadership page);
  • Change management; and
  • HR transformation.

Each training session presents best practice principles and structured exercises to practice applying them. The training is often delivered in concert with The Talent Management Toolkit to improve transfer of learning and ongoing support to applications following the session. for some clients, we combine a set of training modules to create a talent management curriculum either delivered together as a course or individually over time. Most of the modules are designed for one-day sessions, but many can be delivered in a half-day format.