Leadership & Career Planning in Duxbury, MA

Competency Schoonover Associates has developed a range of Products and Services for the following four major areas – leadership and coaching; career planning; talent management; and competencies. The offerings for each areas are outlined below with links to expanded descriptions of each. Further information related to the four areas can be accessed in the pages devoted to each.

Leadership Products

Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Assessment”

Application of a validated framework to deliver a robust gap analysis of strengths and development needs related to competency areas, levels of impact and personal leadership styles.
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Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Development Guide”

Comprehensive toolkit for developing leadership competencies, dimensions and styles that includes guidelines, template for development and extensive suggestions for personal growth and development.
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Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Training”

Flexible, modular sessions aligned the Adaptive Leadership Perspectives level-specific competencies deliver core training for both critical interpersonal and operational skills for key leadership levels/roles.
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Leadership Services

Leadership Needs Assessment

Application of a systematic organizational analysis process that delivers a set of guiding principles, critical focus areas for interventions, recommended applications and supports to provide, and clearly defined, measurable outcomes.
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Leadership Program Development

The design and implementation of multidimensional programs, including a range of leadership optimization elements.
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Executive Coaching

Provide one-on-one advice and feedback for improving personal, team, and organizational performance.
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Board of Directors Support

Provide advice related to board design, role development, assessment, development and coaching for board members.
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Career Planning Products

Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Assessment”

Provides an assessment that evaluates the “fit” between an individual and a targeted career role or roles.
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Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Toolkit”

Provides guidelines, a range of tools and career development options for ongoing career planning.
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Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Training”

Offers in-depth training in a one- or two-day session for groups, including a range of experiential exercises.
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Career Planning Services

Career Planning Advisory Services: Needs Assessment

Focuses on identifying, defining and documenting the requirements for multi-dimensional career planning programs for organizations.
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Career Planning Advisory Services: Program Design and Implementation

Focuses on clarifying guiding principles and defining and delivering the program elements for career planning.
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Career Planning Advisory Services: Individual Coaching

Focuses on providing one-on-one career advice to individuals applying specific criteria, assessment tools, and a process for personal growth and development.
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Mentoring Program Design and Execution

Focuses on defining, developing and implementing formal mentoring programs for organizations.
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Talent Management Products

Talent Management Organization Needs Survey

Offers a comprehensive assessment of critical cultural, process, support, and outcome needs for designing and implementing various talent management applications.
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Talent Management Design Workshop: “Advice for a Change”

Provides a structured one-day workshop that results in a clear “blueprint” for creating and implementing talent management applications.
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Talent Management Applications Toolkit

Provides best practices, process guidelines, tools and sample templates for each talent management application.
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Talent Management Applications Training

Delivers design and implementation best practices instruction for each of the key talent management applications.
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Talent Management Services

Talent Management Needs Assessment

Provides a customized evaluation of an organization’s current state and road map for an ideal future state for talent management, applying a range of data gathering and analysis techniques.
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Talent Management Program Design

Provides a customized approach for defining a talent management system that fit organizational culture and strategies.
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Talent Management Application Design and Implementation

Provides a customized, interactive process that focuses on creating a fully-developed, documented application (or multiple applications) with communications, guidelines, tools and training for high-impact execution.
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Competency Products

Rapid Competency Prototyping: Leadership and Functional Competency Dictionary Licensing

Offers robust sets of competencies for core, leadership and various functional groups, including scale behaviors, competency support materials, and guidelines for application to create well-defined models quickly.
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Rapid Competency Prototyping: Competency Design Workshop

Provides and one- or two-day sessions focusing on key model building principles and a step-by-step process for efficiently creating structured, validated competency profiles that fit organizational context.
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Behavioral Interview Training

Provides a one-day session that focuses on critical behavioral probing techniques that can be applied in competency data gathering for a range of purposes such as model-building, hiring and selection, coaching and performance management, and succession planning.
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Competency Services

Competency Model Building Services

Focuses on customized engagements that apply our expertise and intellectual property to design, develop and deliver competency framework and accompanying applications, communications and training.
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