Talent Management Organization Needs Survey

Offers a comprehensive assessment of critical cultural, process, support, and outcome needs for designing and implementing various talent management applications.

We apply a flexible profile that can be used to focus on organizational factors for implementing one or many talent management applications. Our model applied for assessment is structured in two versions to support exploration of attributes related to talent management or leadership. The profile is comprised of the following three areas each with an accompanying set of dimensions applicable to talent management programs:

    • Organization Context
      • Organization Culture;
      • Available of Environmental Supports;
      • Leadership Sponsorship and Support;
      • Types of Leadership Requirements;
    • Application Expertise
      • Organization Leadership Experience and Expertise Levels;
      • Human Resources Functional Maturity Levels;
    • Implementation Support
      • Available Resources and Supports;
      • Leadership Integration with Talent Management Applications; and
      • Program Implementation and Change Management Expertise.

The needs assessment is administered on-line and can accommodate any number of participants, and various locations and languages. We offer standard reports with detailed interpretation guidelines, but also offer customized versions of the assessment and consulting support for interpreting and presenting results.