Leadership Programs in Duxbury, MA

“Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Framework” and customized leadership applications and programs

Creating a leadership culture and providing individual and group support for growing leadership talent within an organization are critical interventions for Schoonover Associates. Our offerings are delivered through both “off-the-shelf” workshops, tools and courses and through customized programs, ranging from one-on-one coaching for executives to design and implementation of leadership programs and curricula including a range of tools, techniques and learning delivery modes.

Our primary research-based Adaptive Leadership Perspectives framework is a hierarchical model structured around 8 level-specific challenges – environmental context, strategy, structure, values and traits, competencies, relationships, influence, and change (see diagram on right).

Key Features:

  • Validated, competency-based framework;
  • Enhanced of situational leadership capabilities
  • Leadership criteria for various organization levels and styles
  • Extensive, customizable leadership framework, tools and supports

Key Benefits:

  • Speed of implementation;
  • Cost effective, scalable solutions;
  • Integration of leadership and talent management applications
  • Higher impact interventions

Case Study Examples

  • Competency-based program for global company integrating talent management and leadership development into common platform;
  • Application of “Adaptive Leadership Framework” for leadership development, executive team building and cultural integration on telecommunications merger;
  • 6-Sigma leadership program using competency-based tools to produce measurable impact.


Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Assessment”

Application of a validated framework to deliver a robust gap analysis of strengths and development needs related to competency areas, levels of impact and personal leadership styles.

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Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Development Guide”

Comprehensive toolkit for developing leadership competencies, dimensions and styles that includes guidelines, template for development and extensive suggestions for personal growth and development.

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Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Training”

Flexible, modular sessions aligned the Adaptive Leadership Perspectives level-specific competencies deliver core training for both critical interpersonal and operational skills for key leadership levels/roles.

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Leadership Needs Assessment

Application of a systematic organizational analysis process that delivers a set of guiding principles, critical focus areas for interventions, recommended applications and supports to provide, and clearly defined, measurable outcomes.

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Leadership Program Development

The design and implementation of multidimensional programs, including a range of leadership optimization elements.

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Executive Coaching

Provide one-on-one advice and feedback for improving personal, team, and organizational performance.

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Board of Directors Support

Provide advice related to board, design, role development, assessment, development and coaching for board members.

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“Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Framework” and customized leadership applications and programs


Career Planning

“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs


Talent Management

“The Talent Management Toolbox” and customized talent management applications and programs



“Rapid Competency Prototyping” and customized core, leadership and functional competency development