Career Planning Programs in Duxbury, MA

“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs

Schoonover Associates has developed competency-based tools, techniques, and training to aid in successful career development processes and programs. Through years of research, we have determined that excellent career planning requires a foundation in the following three areas.

  • Role-specific competencies. These determinants of success focus on what the organization wants from the individual.
  • Preferred competencies. These attributes represent those skills and abilities at which an individual excels and enjoys performing at the same time. In other words, these criteria focus on what an individual, not the organization, wants to do.
  • Life values. These criteria focus on the characteristics of an individual’s total work environment. They pertain more to the elements that support an individual’s emotional or spiritual satisfaction (such as how a work setting supports friendship, service, creativity, wealth, etc.). While relatively stable over time, these attributes can change significantly across an individual’s lifespan due to life stage challenges.

In our consulting practice we frequently design and implement entire competency-based career systems. Projects range from application of off-the-shelf competencies in a generic planning process and course to highly customized approaches using organization-specific competencies and techniques such as online toolkits and assessments.

Key Features

  • Application of multiple criteria to define career targets;
  • Definition of a clear set of steps to create a plan;
  • Flexible, comprehensive supports for career development, including tools, templates and training.

Key Benefits

  • Clear criteria and process;
  • Ability to take charge of planning and track progress;
  • Robust supports for a life-long process.

Case Study Examples

  • Developed a customized, competency-based career planning approach and training for high potential leaders at a multi-national manufacturing company;
  • Developed a set of core developmental experiences and functional career paths for all lines of business for a large professional services firm;
  • Created and delivered leadership career planning training for women’s leadership development program at a leading business school.


Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Assessment”

Provides an assessment that evaluates the “fit” between an individual and a targeted career role or roles.

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Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Toolkit”

Provides guidelines, a range of tools and career development options for ongoing career planning.

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Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Training”

Offers in-depth training in a one- or two-day session for groups, including a range of experiential exercises.

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Career Planning Advisory Services: Needs Assessment

Focuses on identifying, defining and documenting the requirements for multi-dimensional career planning programs for organizations.

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Career Planning Advisory Services: Program Design and Implementation

Focuses on clarifying guiding principles and defining and delivering the program elements for career planning.

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Career Planning Advisory Services: Individual Coaching

Focuses on providing one-on-one career advice to individuals applying specific criteria, assessment tools, and a process for personal growth and development.

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Mentoring Program Design and Execution

Focuses on defining, developing and implementing formal mentoring programs for organizations.

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Career Planning

“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs


Talent Management

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