“Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Framework” and customized leadership applications and programs



“Coaching Life Cycle" implementation and coaching tools, training, and programs


Career Planning

“Make Your MoVE” Career Planning Suite and customized career development tools, training and programs


Talent Management

“The Talent Management Toolbox” and customized talent management applications and programs



“Rapid Competency Prototyping” and customized core, leadership and functional competency development

Business Management Consultant in Duxbury, MA

Schoonover Associates LLC provides innovative, customized solutions to help our clients maximize their human capital assets. Our consultants have created leadership and executive development programs ranging from one-on-one coaching to organization-wide programs involving talent pipelining, technology implementations, and comprehensive curriculum offerings. Our internationally recognized consultants create and implement programmatic and technology-based solutions across the talent management spectrum–hiring and selection, assessment, performance management, goal management and measurement, learning and development, career development, succession planning, leadership bench strength and pipeline development, and change management–often using a competency-based approach.

What Is Our Purpose?

Schoonover Associates focuses on optimizing individual, team, and organizational performance capabilities – delivering products and services for leadership development, coaching, career pathing, talent management, and competencies.

Who Leads Our Organization?

Dr. Stephen C. Schoonover has delivered leadership and talent management solutions for over 40 years. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, he was board-certified in psychiatry and neurology and served on the psychiatry faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years. Subsequently, he started his own consulting practice, providing advisory services for over 40 years to organizations in virtually all business sectors, and specializing in leadership and executive development, coaching, career development, strategic human resource planning, competency model building, assessment capabilities, and integrated talent management systems.

What Are Our Most Distinguishing Offerings?

  • A validated research-based Adaptive Leadership Perspectives framework, a hierarchical model structured around 8 level-specific challenges – environmental context, strategy, structure, values and traits, competencies, relationships, influence, and change, is delivered in several formats (e.g., articles, book, toolkit, and training (see diagram on right).
  • Coaching toolkit, training, best practice guidelines, and articles;
  • Career development toolkit, training, articles, and books;
  • Talent management tools, training, books, and articles for virtually all applications in the talent management lifecycle.
  • Development of competency models for all levels of leadership and most functional groups, including an extensive competency database and delivery of hundreds of competency model-building engagements, including extensive experience with creating both level-specific leadership profiles and job-family frameworks for various functional areas.

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What Makes Us Different from Our Competitors?

  • Extensive experience in diverse specialty areas – psychotherapy frameworks, psychological models and testing, competency modeling, leadership theories and practices, all talent management applications, career and life planning.
  • Implementation of consulting engagements of varying scope, ranging from one-on-one coaching and projects focused on a single application (e.g., competency model, succession planning, hiring and selection protocol, etc.), to large, multi-year, global change management engagements or development of comprehensive talent management or leadership programs.
  • Execution of multi-dimensional engagements, such as creation of programs including elements such as websites, knowledge repositories, training, toolkits, learning communities, and metrics.
  • Development of off-the-shelf intellectual properties including books, toolkits, articles, and training for each of our major focus areas – leadership, coaching, career development, talent management, and competencies.
  • Execution of extensive research projects, including best practices guidelines, validated inventories and models, and 6-sigma projects.
  • Extensive publishing, including media projects, website development, books, chapters, journal articles, published training products.