Talent Management Applications Toolkit

Provides best practices, process guidelines, tools and sample templates for each talent management application.

The toolkit is designed to offer “one-stop-shopping” for learning about, designing and executing the various talent management applications required for organizational success. In order to support these broad objectives, the guide is divided into the following three sections:

  • An overview of talent management principles and practices – outlining the best methods for optimizing four key levers for talent optimization (role-person fit, managing performance, supporting growth and development, and rewarding performance);
  • Individual chapters for each talent application area – including best practice principles; application roles and responsibilities; key success criteria; and implementation process guidelines, tools and templates; and
  • A change management overview – including best practice guidelines, a change management competency framework (use for creating change teams, determining organization readiness, and tracking implementation progress), and methods and support for program implementation.

This toolkit can be purchased separately for $150 (with volume discounts). We also sometimes incorporate both the off-the-shelf and customized versions of the toolkit into talent management program design consulting engagements.