Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Assessment”

Application of a validated framework to deliver a robust gap analysis of strengths and development needs related to competency areas, levels of impact and personal leadership styles.

Assessment Structure

We provide both various versions of an off-the-shelf Adaptive Leadership Perspectives assessment. We offer both self and multi-rater versions of the assessment and customized leadership assessments. We can provide related but separate surveys for different roles/levels, etc. with customized questions for any category of participant.


The assessments are fully web-based as is the reporting and access of administrators to status reports. Clients can decide on any type or number of rater categories (e.g., self, manager, peer, direct report, stakeholder, internal customer, external customer, etc.)

The system has a number of navigation, save and return features. The system invites each participant by e-mail with a link for each participant to a home page for that person where all assessments due are posted with the name of the person be assessed and the “status” of the assessments posted next to the person being assessed – “not started”; completed”; in progress”.

The number of items, the format, the manner in which assessments are rated (radio buttons, drop down, multiple choice, etc.), the instructions, the supports on each page, the scale used, etc. are all configurable. The assessment can be provided in virtually any language too.


Reports are issue automatically when the assessment is deemed completed to those given permission to see them. There are a range of standard reports, including a basic report that provides guidelines for interpreting data as well as the reports themselves. Data can also be provided in Excel or another form to be put into a database

We also provide flexible debriefing sessions (e.g., a few hours, half-day and one-day) for interpreting reports, giving feedback, providing coaching, and creating development plans. We can provide these sessions or we can support a train-the-trainer approach for your staff to implement debriefings.

Our off the shelf assessment does provide development suggestions, and we have an extensive library of development suggestions if you want to deploy a customized approach.

Summary of On-Line Capabilities

General process capabilities:

  • Automated workflow
  • Customizable e-mails for communications and reminders
  • Automated reporting (see samples of on-line reports on next page)
  • Designated access to assigned staff for monitoring

Content management capabilities

  • Ability to provide on-line access to enriched content at home page or through links in reports
  • Ability to generate and deploy both off-the-shelf and customized assessments and reports
  • Ability to provide assessments for multiple criteria (e.g., functional/technical knowledge and skills, values and preferences, competencies, etc.)

Flexible methods for data collection

  • Multi-rater options
  • Diverse scale options
  • Ability to rate items across multiple dimensions, such as current performance, ideal performance, and potential
  • Ability to provide pre-established “benchmark” levels for items rated

Potential customized “branding” for clients

Pricing depends on number and type of assessments, how customized the assessment is, what kind of reporting is offered, and how much support is desired (such as training about how to leverage assessment outputs). Our off-the-shelf assessment with no changes ranges from 50-100 $ per assessment.