Adaptive Leadership Perspectives “Development Guide”

Comprehensive toolkit for developing leadership competencies, dimensions and styles that includes guidelines, template for development and extensive suggestions for personal growth and development.

One of the key principles we follow in improving leadership in both individuals and groups is to provide easy access to tools. In many situations, leaders are introduced to, and often assessed against, some framework, but receive no supports for changing or leveraging their behavior moving forward. We believe that the primary impact of leadership interventions stems from the way leaders apply principles through guided practice over time.

Our leadership development guide is structured to help leaders grow and change using a series of tools, accompanying guidelines and enriched development suggestions, including:

  • Guidelines for understanding and applying the various elements of our leadership framework;
  • A learning style diagnostic and application tool;
  • Development activities chapters for each competency area, leadership level and process, and leadership style in our framework with the following developmental supports:
    • Key books and articles;
    • Suggestions for self-development on the job;
    • Key developmental experiences;
    • Coaching tips; and
    • References for underlying skills and concepts that support each competency area;
  • A developmental experience roadmap and assessment tool that encompasses major career steps or position changes; and
  • A development planning tool.

This toolkit also can be installed in an accompanying experiential workshop and customized versions of the toolkit can be development on request.