Leadership Needs Assessment

Application of a systematic organizational analysis process that delivers a set of guiding principles, critical focus areas for interventions, recommended applications and supports to provide, and clearly defined, measurable outcomes.

Our leadership needs assessment services generally employ both structured interviews with key organization stakeholders and an on-line assessment that evaluates a range of factors to determine potential problems and strengths. Our starting point is a leadership program best practices framework based on a set of critical factors, developed over a period of years, stemming from various leadership development engagements.

Our model applied for assessment is structured in two versions to support exploration of attributes related to leadership or talent management. The profile is comprised of the following three areas each with an accompanying set of dimensions applicable to leadership programs:

    • Organization Context
      • Organization Culture;
      • Available of Environmental Supports;
      • Leadership Sponsorship and Support;
      • Types of Leadership Requirements;
    • Application Expertise
      • Organization Leadership Experience and Expertise Levels;
      • Human Resources Functional Maturity Levels;
    • Implementation Support
      • Available Resources and Supports;
      • Leadership Integration with Talent Management Applications; and
      • Program Implementation and Change Management Expertise.

Assessments focus on current capabilities and the practicality and impact of potential program interventions. Engagements generally are completed in a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project scope and goals and are always accompanied by a detailed report of findings with recommendations.