Executive Coaching

Provide one-on-one advice and feedback for improving personal, team, and organizational performance.

Our executive coaching services offer highly-customized sessions for individuals by Dr. Schoonover. He has extensive experience in providing advice and counseling to leaders for a range of purposes. The most frequent reasons for these coaching engagements include:

  • Leadership development for high-potential talent;
  • Providing support and feedback around a significant leadership problem or organizational crisis; and
  • Offering personal support for helping an individual or groups of individuals grow into a critical role (e.g., C-suite role, functional leadership position, etc.).

Executive coaching is often accompanied by a leadership assessment and report as a starting point, and always includes a process of contracting with the participant about roles, privacy and confidentiality, the relationship process and expectations, and desired outcomes.

The costs for the coaching engagements depend on the design of the invention, but generally the cost for each session with Dr. Schoonover starts at $800/hour, with one-half hour and one hour sessions most frequently provided. When a series of sessions are schedule discounted rates may be offered.