Behavior-Based Data Gathering Training

Provides a one-day session that focuses on critical behavioral data gathering techniques that can be applied in competency model building and for a range of purposes such as model-building, hiring and selection, coaching and performance management, and succession planning.

As a result of our training participant’s will be to:

  • Develop guiding principles and competency design requirements with internal clients and stakeholders;
  • Select an appropriate competency model building approach to fit organization circumstances;
  • Design a data gathering approach and process to fulfill the model building approach;
  • Conduct an interview or focus group to gather high- quality behavioral data for model building;
  • Perform a thematic analysis of competency data to create, augment or refine an existing competency profile;
  • Apply competency quality criteria to refine or create competencies that are valid and robust.

Our training approach is highly experiential and offers participants extensive hands on practice analyzing real interview data, performing analysis and coding for competency behaviors, drafting high-quality behavioral indicators, evaluating models, a performing data gathering sessions.

The session activities focus on the following topics:

  • Introduction to competency principles;
  • Overview of behavioral data gathering techniques and their advantages and disadvantages;
  • A review of the data gathering process;
  • Behavioral probing techniques, including practice exercises;
  • Interview and focus group best practice guidelines;
  • Data analysis techniques, including data integration, thematic analysis, and behavioral coding;
  • Summary of key concepts.

The workshop can be delivered by our consultants or by internal staff after a train-the-trainer session; we also offer certification for participants in behavioral data gathering.