Rapid Competency Prototyping: Competency Design Workshop

Provides and one-day sessions focusing on key model building principles and a step-by-step process for efficiently creating structured, validated competency profiles that fit organizational context.

Our competency design workshop focuses learning how to create competency profiles that are clear, robust, and valid for their intended purposes. The workshop uses a range of experiential exercises to teach participants how to:

  • Apply an understanding of the origins and nature of competencies and the value they deliver for organizations to position and advocate for competencies within organizations;
  • Determine what purposes are most important for to focus on in applying competencies;
  • Clarify what type of competency architecture will work best for particular purposes; and
  • Apply, revise, replace or augment existing organization competencies to create an optimal profile.

The topics covered during the session include:

  • What are competencies and how do they contribute to individual and organizational performance;
  • What do competencies look like;
  • Competency design practices that work:
    • Model structure criteria;
    • Model content criteria;
    • Model quality criteria;
  • Organization analysis:
    • Current state;
    • “Readiness” evaluation;
    • Guiding principles;
    • Competency architecture;
  • Developing a model building approach: group summary exercise, focusing on strategy and process.

In many cases we combine this training with competency model-building training and sometimes offer a 3-day workshop that includes competency design, model-building teachniques and talent management applications design and roll out planning.