Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Assessment”

Provides an assessment that evaluates the “fit” between an individual and a targeted career role or roles.

Our career assessment focuses on evaluating critical criteria for two aspects of career planning:

  1. Creating a career target “fit”; and
  2. Clarifying development drivers customized for an individual.

The career fit model uses our Adaptive Leadership Perspectives competency profile to determine a person’s “motivated competencies” (i.e., behaviors a person strongly prefers performing) and the competencies most required for a person’s next preferred job or work environment; and applies our Values and Preferences Inventory to determine how those characteristics fit with their job or work target. The overlap of these three sets of assessment criteria are used to determine overall fit with the career target and accompanying guidelines outline how to make tradeoffs for areas of suboptimal fit to improve career planning options.

The second part of the assessment focuses on two key elements for supporting the career development process – an individual’s learning and development style and the current level of completion of key developmental experiences required for career progression over time.

The report compiles data and provides interpretation and career planning guidelines to produce two outcomes:

  • The level of fit for a person’s career target; and
  • Development process priorities for making a career plan more achievable.

The separate reports encompassed in the overall assessment report include:

  • The Motivated Competency – Role Competency Overlap Report;
  • The Values and Preferences Report (showing level of overlap between personal values and values most supported by the targeted career work setting);
  • Career Target Fit Profile;
  • The Key Developmental Experiences Roadmap Report; and
  • The Learning Style Profile Report.

While the assessment report can be used independently for career planning, it is often applied in concert with our Make Your MoVE Career Planning Toolkit and our Make Your MoVE Career Planning Training.  The assessment and accompanying toolkit can fully support an individual’s career planning, while the additional training is frequently provided as part of an organizational program.