Make Your MOVE Career Planning “Training”

Offers in-depth training in a one- or two-day session for groups, including a range of experiential exercises.

The course applies our Adaptive Leadership Perspectives competency profile and our Life Values and Preferences Inventory to drive a process for creating a specific, sustainable career plan. These criteria can be applied using a pre-class, on-line assessment and accompanying report or can be applied using self-assessment templates during the course.

The learning objectives for the course focus on helping participants:

  • Apply an understanding of leadership career levels to both plan their own career and provide career coaching to others;
  • Understand the key drivers that make lifelong career planning successful;
  • Be able to assess their own career priorities in an ongoing manner;
  • Be able to create an effective, achievable career and development plan;
  • Be able to implement a process and apply accompanying tools to sustain lifelong career planning

The agenda for the course includes the following topics

  • What is a career?
  • What criteria work best for driving development and career planning?
  • Adaptive leadership perspectives: overview of key principles;
  • Adaptive leadership perspectives: contributions by career stage;
  • The career and life planning process;
    • Make your move
    • Focusing your personal criteria
    • Making your move happen
  • Session summary

To complete each step in the career planning process outlined in more detail below, participants engage in individual and group exercises to explore concepts and document exercise outcomes.


Career and Life Planning Process
Making Your MoVE Key Outcomes
Clarifying Your Career Planning Purposes Personal career vision statement, including ideal values, competencies and experiences to pursue
Evaluating Your Current Values Preferences
Defining Your “Motivated” Competencies
Determining Potential Future Roles
Evaluating Your Level of Fit for Identified Roles
Developing a “Personal Career Vision”
Refining Your Personal Criteria Key Outcomes
Understanding the Current Career Environment and Trends Statement of specific success criteria adapted to environmental demands and opportunities
Evaluating Your Current Life and Career Stage
Clarifying Your Personal Learning and Development Style
Understanding Your Personal Context
Establishing Your Personal Criteria for Success
Making Your MoVE Happen Key Outcomes
Defining Supports for Your Career Plan Practical action plan for career development
Clarifying Potential Development Activities
Creating and Implementing a Personal Development Plan
Establishing a Personal Brand
Making Your MoVE – A Lifelong Process