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Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.
President, Schoonover Associates


"The way we do things"

Or, talent management as change management.

To take hold, talent management initiatives must meet the same success criteria as other large-scale change--including unwavering sponsorship, relentless commitment, and well articulated rollout plans.

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Leadership, Talent Management, and Competency-Based HR Consulting

Welcome to Schoonover


Schoonover Associates LLC provides innovative, customized solutions to help our clients maximize their human capital assets. Our internationally recognized consultants create and implement programmatic and technology-based solutions across the talent management spectrum--hiring and selection, assessment, performance management, goal management and measurement, learning and development, career development, succession planning, leadership and executive development, and change management--often using a competency-based approach. We enable successful implementation and measurement of key talent management interventions.

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Schoonover offers the following unique advantages:

  • Several decades of experience in talent management consulting.
  • Access to comprehensive, research-based intellectual property in the form of competency models for leadership, management, and nearly all functional groups.
  • Best-practice applications in creating talent management systems.
  • In-depth capabilities with the design, development, installation, and cultural integration of complex talent management programs and systems.
  • Comprehensive experience working at all organization levels, functions, industries, and global regions.
  • Flexible support for human resource applications implementation and rollout.
  • Expertise in building and applying metrics for human assets programs.
Schoonover Associates helps clients maximize human assets through innovative competency-based leadership and talent management initiatives
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