What Makes Leaders Succeed or Fail? An Adaptive Leadership Perspectives Approach

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Unfortunately, extensive research has led to few clear conclusions about what makes leaders successful even though many experts have defined a set of behaviors successful leaders commonly demonstrate. So, why doesn’t identifying or providing development for individuals to exhibit these characteristics consistently produce successful leaders? I believe these attributes represent the “necessary, but not sufficient”…

Automation Opportunities for Your Human Resources Department

When looking at ways to streamline processes for human resources, technology proves to be a vital asset. One function arising from today’s technology is the availability of automated systems that take the place of paper-reliant steps that too frequently hamstring staff. Here are a few everyday tasks your department can automate for better efficiency. Tracking… View Article

Common Leadership Styles Found in Every Workforce

It is well know that leadership styles vary among managers. When you understand these different approaches, you also know their benefits and how they will fit in best with your industry and your employees’ personalities. Here is an overview of the most common leadership styles you will likely observe. Charismatic These individuals lead by the… View Article

How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Human Resources

When it comes to hiring and firing, an employee’s direct manager is usually the person making the final decisions. However, many business use the human resources department for the logistical side of hiring, meaning the HR department will post and remove job listings, narrow down a list of viable candidates and contact applicants about setting… View Article