Automation Opportunities for Your Human Resources Department

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When looking at ways to streamline processes for human resources, technology proves to be a vital asset. One function arising from today’s technology is the availability of automated systems that take the place of paper-reliant steps that too frequently hamstring staff. Here are a few everyday tasks your department can automate for better efficiency.

Tracking work hours

There are many ways to automate timesheets. Some applications start time when employees log in and end it when they log out. There are also easy time‑tracking programs that work like virtual punch cards. No matter the technological method you choose, you can easily save an average of 15 hours per month. Validating and reviewing timesheets takes up time that managers can spend in other areas of your business.

Hiring requests

Looking to fill a position can lead to plenty of miscommunication opportunities. If managers can put in an automated hiring request and track its progress, it offers reassurance and efficiency. It becomes easier to collaborate on job descriptions and finding an ideal candidate without the back-and-forth email communications that often result from hiring requests.

Performance appraisals

Managers do not always update performance appraisals or give frequent feedback. This often means inaccurate data, which makes it difficult to assess employees. A system that can evaluate performance and update information on employees at the same time will ensure a complete system when determining workforce flow and quality. The other advantage of this system is that employees will receive the feedback they need to know where they do well and where they can improve. This eliminates the fear of working blind.


Hiring new employees is frequently exciting, but it can also be time consuming, as contracts get signed, badge pictures get taken and proper credentials get distributed. Automating much of this process into applications allows for a quick transition and saves time as well. Your new employees will spend a few hours getting lined up rather than the full week many onboarding processes require, meaning they can start their jobs sooner.


Just as new employees require procedures, so do departing ones. Automated processes will provide needed termination documents, cancel out login credentials and deactivate entrance badges. They also ensure that terminated employees no longer collect wages or benefits. Some advanced systems can even start COBRA notice procedures.

Time off

Work hours pose a challenge, and time off even more so. This is especially true when the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), regular sick time and vacation must all be accounted for differently, as well as tracked. Throw in short and long-term disability and other complicating factors, and the complex time-off landscape becomes nearly unmanageable. Allowing employees to submit leave requests online, with some claims handled automatically, makes this often-difficult task easier on all involved.

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