Five Reasons Why Comprehensive Training and Development Trumps Traditional Hiring

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Being able to hire the right talent for your company is an exceptional prospect and finding a perfect fit for the job can save you a tremendous amount of time vetting other candidates. Unfortunately, as many hiring managers know all too well, the perfect fit rarely comes along and when they do, it’s usually after a lengthy application process that has already cost the company a tremendous amount of time and money.

But often, it’s not necessarily the perfect candidate off the street that ends up being the best fit for a job in the long run—it’s a candidate from within the company that has been appropriately trained and developed for a job: groomed for a position while they gain an understanding of how the bigger picture looks from within the organization.

Comprehensive training and development of an employee within the company frequently provides benefits that the traditional application process cannot, including these five examples:

  1. Those employees that have experience within the company are better equipped to understand how certain developments are likely to affect the operations of an organization across multiple business facets. If they have experience in a certain department or segment of business, they’re more likely to understand the other departments and segments in relation to that area and how each is affected in turn.
  2. Grooming from within fosters a work environment that teaches employees that hard work and dedication equate to the potential to move up within a company. Hires off the street or consistent turnover in certain positions can lead to lower confidence in the company’s ability to find a suitable candidate for the job.
  3. The longer the tenure of a person at a company, the more they’ll understand the goals, expectations and requirements of the company, leading to responsible and accountable job performance. Longer-term employees know the values of the company and bring this understanding to their responsibilities, creating a more informed approach to getting things done.
  4. Less training is required to bring insider promotions up to speed, as opposed to brand new hires. Even though an external person may be more outright qualified for a job, the time, effort and expense that’s going to go into training that person for the unique position at your company is going to be easily trumped by the knowledge already attained by an employee. The training and development process for an internal hire is expedited and generally better understood.
  5. Trust is something that’s invaluable when it comes to putting someone in a position of power and sometimes, it’s hard to trust the judgment of someone brand new to the organization. Seeing the behavior and decision making process of an internal hire can foster trust much more easily, however, leading to peace of mind both in the immediate and sustainably.

Sometimes it can be worth the trials and tribulations of a traditional hiring process to find that perfect employee, however much of the time, that perfect person might be right under your nose, already working for your company in a different capacity. All it takes is a little training and development to groom them for success.



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This post was written by Dr. Stephen C. Schoonover