About – Helen B. Schoonover, Partner

Helen B. Schoonover, Partner

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Mrs. Schoonover, one of the principal partners at Schoonover Associates, provides management consulting services focusing on competency-based talent management to organizations. She focuses primarily on developing organizational structures, processes, and applications to improve efficiency, performance, commitment, and customer service. Mrs. Schoonover also manages the organization’s operations and leads our marketing and product development initiatives.

Mrs. Schoonover worked has worked with a range of large, global companies in major consulting engagements. With Ortho-Biotech, Inc. a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, she developed competency models, competency-based job descriptions, learning and development toolkits and an approach to learning and development. In addition, Mrs. Schoonover has provided consulting services related to the development and installation of competency-based systems and applications to Oracle Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and Sun Microsystems. In addition, she has worked with Kodak to implement their human resource functional strategy and she has also worked with GE Corporate to develop its Human Resource Development framework and implementation strategy. Ms. Schoonover worked extensively with Electronic Data Systems, Inc. (now part of Hewlett Packard) on a range of large-scale initiatives. These included project management and development of competency models for all EDS job families in conjunction with the Leadership Design Lab; designing and implementing a computer-based EDS’ Multi-Rater assessment process; working with Executive Development to design and implement competency-based executive development. She also worked with the Health and Benefits Division to roll out a pilot Account Care Program for the rapid development of account managers to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare industry. In addition, Mrs. Schoonover worked with General Electric’s Power Systems business to develop the strategic skills of their Customer Service Managers. She was the primary author of the Seabrook Case and co-designer of the Customer Service Managers Course. In addition, she developed several business cases to address critical on-going customer problems. Ms.Schoonover has also managed several General Electric projects for Schoonover Associates, Inc. on the following topics: a competency-based Environment, Health and Safety development framework, a sourcing competency model for Aerospace, and a hiring protocol for workers and technical professionals for GE Power Generation. Mrs. Schoonover is also an experienced coach in providing competency-based feedback based on assessments. In this capacity, she served as a coach for several years at the Kellogg School of Management as part of the course on Women’s Leadership. Ms. Schoonover was formerly Manager of the Training Resources Group at McBer and Company, a Boston-based management consulting firm specializing in job competency models, research, and management training. She holds a M.B.A. from Simmons College Graduate School of Management.